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Case Study

About Company:

Rapid RMS is a POS solution provider company. They offer different kinds of POS system for the retail store, bar, restaurant, and Gas stations. The client approached Siya Infotech Solutions with its detail requirements with an aim to create complete retail solutions in one system.

Business requirement of the client:

  • Mobile solution for the Retail industry, which runs efficiently on iPad devices with all the data in the cloud.t
  • The merchant can manage, customize pricing level for the products.
  • The manual entry allows easy entry of inward stock for Purchase order that is outside the system.
  • The facility for the easy and smooth employee management without needs of any other devices to calculate working hours and a shift in and shift out time of the employees.
  • Back office system that allows vendors to sign up and enable them to view or print different kinds of reports.
  • Count inventory anywhere on the sales floor with any mobile device like an iPad or iPhone. Update quantity and change prices in real time.
  • The system should provide real-time data to the merchants so that they get the updated information about the available stock in the store.
  • Let’s merchant select different kinds of payment methods like cash, credit card, debit card for the payment. Moreover, it should be able to handle all kinds of customer loyalty program.
  • Generate tickets based on time, day, week, and more. Generate unlimited use and limited use tickets which can be validated at POS.
  • The system should allow creating various kinds of reports like sales, Stock inventory, sales person according to the requirement of the particular retail store.

Features and Benefits of the Rapid RMS system:

Multi-location integration:

It allows merchants to link customers to all stores. Track customers in depth by dollars spent, numbers of visits, and top purchases.

Offers greatest mobility:

The system which can run on any internet connectivity on any type of iPad Devices.

Customized discounting capabilities and gift cards:

It is another wonderful feature which helps the vendor to offer discounts for their loyal customers. Moreover, the gift card can be created from the POS system itself, thus, eliminate the need for any third-party gift cards.

In-out to manage the stock of the store:

We have created a feature of In-Out which is helpful for the merchants to manage stocks and thus easily able to know the status of the product. Stores with multiple locations can manage transfer of stock between locations.

Payment using Different Gateway:

The Rapid RMS system allows merchants to integrate the payment gateway for the payment without the need to do add extra functionality in the system provide freedom to choose from multiple options for the payment gateways.

Clock in the Clock out:

This feature eliminates the need of Bio-Metric equipment. Allow for easy tracking of employees of the store.

Display out directly from the iPad device:

The POS software does not need specific hardware. Regular iPad can be used for this. It can be used for advertisement and promotions.


The complete retail solution with ON/OFF feature (ERP) which means that any module can activated or deactivated without altering any part of the system.
Provide real-time data on the different iPad devices is one of the biggest challenges face us.

  • POS system should be able to run without the Internet on iPad base devices.
  • Another significant challenge for us while working on this project as the client wants us to split and merge store and share customer data between these stores.
  • It should support the variety of devices, like – receipt printers, barcode readers, and credit card readers.
  • Complete promotion solutions to manage in a single system is certainly tough ask for us.

After, evaluating all the challenges of the Rapid RMS system with the complete dedication and hard work done by our team, we at Siya countered every challenge and given State of the art solution for the all the challenging tasks:

The Solutions provide by us:

  • Highly modularized system. Modules can be enabled/disabled on the fly according to the requirement of the merchant.
  • To create the functionality for POS which can run with iPad. We have managed the database for every device so that when the device goes online, it automatically uploads to the server.
  • To offer the real-time data for the iPad devices we use the XMPP server.
  • We have created a separate database for each store so that merchant can share the data between two different stores. To offer complete customer promotion, we cover all types of discount like pricing level discount, Quantity discount, Mix match discount.

The team of Siya Infotech can bring most efficient POS solution which allows the merchant to manage all kinds of the task to run their store. The system provides the information about the sales and inventory of the store and efficiently manage customer loyalty program. Our team gets great adulation from the client which stimulates us to work with great dedication.

Student Management System for Namibia University

The University of Namibia is a non-profit public higher education institution in the urban setting of the small city of the Windhoek. The University offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as undergraduate certificates/diplomas or degrees in several streams.

Client’s Requirement:

The client approaches us to create the comprehensive student management and hostel management system for the Namibia University.

  • They want us to develop such a system that allows University staff to access the information as per their designation.
  • The student can apply for the specific course and given information about when he or she secures the admission.
  • The system should offer the module for the Fees and Load Calculation.
  • It should store all the details of the student and retrieve the data when needed.
  • The system should include passing rules according to subject and module selected by the students.
  • Separate fee Module for the specific course for calculating hostel and mess charges.

Features of the SMS system:

  • Dynamic Rules for Passing Calculation criteria as per the specific subject.
  • Automatic exam time table generation for the whole university for every campus and department.
  • Calculation of student graduation and post-graduation by checking all the criteria’s along with academic records and module equivalence.
  • Module Fee, Hostel, Check In -check out with multiple Times and all others Fees Calculation information.
  • Hostel Space availability for a room with gender and disability wise status.


  • Ecumenical ERP Integration for the SMS system for automatically fetching records from the ERP when a student made a payment in the system is quite a challenging task for us.
  • Automatic exam time table generation is for the whole University with its campuses and department wise is a tough ask for us.

Solutions provided by us:

  • For Ecumenical ERP Integration, we add service reference in our system and create a one windows service that will take every 24 hours to get the payment status from ERP for students.
  • To create automatic time table generation, we have developed user interface where the user can enter exam start date and select a specific course for generating an exam Time Table and show to the user.

We are proud of our team as they developed the University level SMS system offers a most comprehensive set of features and future-proof technology. They develop such a system that helps the university to manage Hostel and Student information.

About Client:

FinTrac is a division of DataTrac Software Solutions. This financial section offers all kinds of financial accounting solutions. It provides robust IT related solutions like website designing, Cloud Server Set Up, Domain and Email Services, Rentals Administration to their clients.

Business Requirements of the Client:

The client approaches us with their detailed requirements as they want us to develop the most comprehensive financial accounting solution system.

  • An efficient system which is easy access from anywhere, anytime and on any device for managing financial records of the specific company.
  • Helpful for maintaining and process Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchase Orders, Purchase Credits, Journals, and Cashbook entries like Payments & Receipts for the individual company with one or more users can have pre-defined access.
  • Generate Reports like Customer Invoice, Customer Statement, Supplier Invoice, Supplier Statement and send that reports to individual Customers & Suppliers.
  • It should allow us to communicate with Customers, Suppliers, and Third Parties easily via SMS and Mail.
  • Maintain the Rental Management modules in which users can process Recurring Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Cashbook entries.

Features of the Fin Trac System:

Dynamic Dashboard:

This feature allows users to see all the essential elements of the accounting for their business.

Task Manager:

The task manager is another handy feature which can create and edit tasks, quickly and easily and set reminders for these tasks by email and SMS.

Notice Board:

View a summary of important matters to action with the help of notice board icon on the dashboard.

Online Rentals Management:

Rentals management system is a very useful feature. It allows handling banking accounts in a single application.

Document Management:

This feature allows companies to manage and store all the important document on the server and retrieve it whenever need them.

Challenges faced by us:

  • Import Export features based on logged-in User Company is difficult to ask as the system requires to manage the data of the different companies.
  • It is quite tough to create a Scheduled backup on a regular interval so that website users can use any of this backup to restore his data.
  • Initially, this website only has User Registration and User Login. However, as the project advanced clients also wants Administration Login to manage multiple companies to allow each company to manage data access rights of users. Applying this logic is an intimidating task for our team.

Solutions offered by us:

So, after, days of hard work and endless brainstorming process, our development team gave following comprehensive development solutions to the client:

  • In this system, the database has combined details of all the companies as a client wants backup and restore based on a company with a specific date. Our efficient development team created stored procedure for backing up the whole live database and while restoring DB backup file for an individual company which separate temporary data and then delete all the records from the live database. Then finally, filters the data based on the logged in user company from that temporary Data Base and Restore them back in the main Database.
  • To overcome this challenge we have developed Console Application that creates a backup of the master database and scheduled this console app to windows schedule task. This app runs every morning on the client’s in order take a backup of that database.
  • To create Administrate login module, our developers created separate features of company login so that the client can create users and assign the user to different companies owned by him. So, if the user associated with more than one organization, they can select which company’s books of account need to maintain.

Case Study


Cloud Media And Blogging

The team of Siya Infotech Solutions has implemented some unique ideas for developing My Cloud website. The purpose of this system is to allow users to upload videos, photos, songs without the necessity of physical storage devices.


Revolutionary POS

Rapid RMS is a most powerful iPad point-of-sale system created by us. Our intention behind developing this software is to offer most comprehensive Point of Sale system that allows inventory management as well as numerous options for the payment.


S.M.S for Namibia University

Our University level SMS system includes industry’s most comprehensive set of features and future-proof technology helps colleges to manage hostel and student information. It is easy, flexible and time saving solution for the colleges.

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