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Hospital & Pharmaceutical

Software and Mobile App development for Health care and Pharmaceutical industry

The healthcare industry is largely taking advantage of software and mobile apps. The Web or Mobile based applications are helpful for doctors to get quick data of patients and that’s why, it is helpful for increasing he medication errors. Healthcare workflow supported by various Health related IT field like hospital management, physicians, and pharmaceutical industry.

healthcare software development services

Why prefer Siya Infotech for Healthcare software development?

At, Siya Infotech we have highly talented professionals, who provides remarkable medical and health applications that actively used in diagnosis, treatment, monitoring the patient and app for the medical students.

Our experience In Health Care Industry

Our development team has 7+ years of experience in health and Pharma sector, we develop modern and robust web and mobile apps for patients and doctors after understanding their pharmaceutical software development needs.

What kind of health care related IT services we can offer you?

We can develop virtually every type of apps related to health care sector. Our experienced developer team is creating health applications that offer wonderful results in healthcare software development with great superiority, effectiveness, and user-friendliness. Our created web and mobile apps help medical professional to examine the structure of the patient, analyze millions of records, helps patients to enjoy the healthy life lifestyle and so on.

Our IT related offering includes many things for Health and Pharmaceutical industry like

  • Hospital management software
  • Medical appointment application
  • Laboratory management system
  • Healthcare management software
  • Patient management software
  • Medical learning applications
  • Medical management software
  • Industrial health care web solutions

Our expertise in Healthcare sector

We are using most recent and advanced healthcare web and software development technologies and tools to provide solutions for multi-center operations. Our skilled developers also have an experienced building tightly integrated and possess Cross-platform expertise.

pharmaceutical software development services

Case Study


Cloud Media And Blogging

The team of Siya Infotech Solutions has implemented some unique ideas for developing My Cloud website. The purpose of this system is to allow users to upload videos, photos, songs without the necessity of physical storage devices.


Revolutionary POS

Rapid RMS is a most powerful iPad point-of-sale system created by us. Our intention behind developing this software is to offer most comprehensive Point of Sale system that allows inventory management as well as numerous options for the payment.


S.M.S for Namibia University

Our University level SMS system includes industry’s most comprehensive set of features and future-proof technology helps colleges to manage hostel and student information. It is easy, flexible and time saving solution for the colleges.

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